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  WW2 Spitfire Fighter Pilot Zingi Harrison tribute page

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I met Gary Harrison via the internet and he was so kind to let me scan and copy all his late dad's war service memorabilia.  We subsequently decided to construct this tribute page in memory of Zingi Harrison.


Neville Claude Harrison joined the SAAF in early 1942. He was selected for pilot training and eventually ended up in No. 2 Fighter  Squadron in Italy for operational service, June 1944. 

Zingi flew Spitfires and finish his 200 hour operational tour in 1945. He flew mainly ground strafing and dive bombing sorties as well as bomber escort and recce sorties.  Zingi's aircraft was hit on several occasions by enemy ground fire while flying on operations.

Zingi was demobilised after the war and had a successful career in aviation where he was a founder member of the Pretoria Light Aircraft Company. On retirement he built a  replica Sopwith Pup (flown by his dad in WW1), one of only 4 flying Pups in the world.

Zingi passed away in 1999.


1944/45: Spitfire fighter pilot in Italy 

1943: pupil pilot 


This is a living web site. Any input and/or participation will be much appreciated regarding additional information, correctness, information from relatives of members who served with Zingi in 2 squadron, photographs, stories etc. Please e-mail me. Most welcome will be any photographs of No. 2 squadron while Zingi was with them.

If you perhaps have a family member who served as a SAAF fighter pilot during WW2 and you would want to find out more about his war service please contact me, hopefully I can be of some help.

Tinus le Roux

August 2013






 Gary meeting his dad's Squadron commander Stewart "Bomb" Finney, DFC and bar. Cape Town 2014


Military career

 25/02/1942    I.T.W. and A.T.W. 75 AS

22/06/1942    SA Military College

08/10/1942    A.F.V.   

09/01/1943    5 AS Witbank,  80 h Tiger Moth

18/01/1943    First solo

03/04/1943    25 AS Standerton, 155 h Miles Master

11/06/1943    Accident with Miles Master while taxi, pulled up UC instead of flaps

??/08/1943    Qualify as pilot and obtain wings

23/08/1943    MAF Depot

18/12/1943    11 OTU Roberts Heights, Harvards and Kittyhawks

08/01/1944    11 OTU Isipingo

30/01/1944    ZAS Roberts Heights

22/03/1944    ALAMASA SAAF base camp Cairo

25/03/1944    Conversion course Ismalia, Hurricanes, Harvards

26/04/1944    Advance base Bari

15/05/1944    4 Aircraft delivery unit, Bari

28/05/1944    7 Wing training flight, Spitfire 5 

20/06/1944    2 Squadron, Italy, Spitfire 9

18/07/1944    Aircraft damaged by small arms fire

11/10/1944    Aircraft damaged by flak

14/03/1945    Aircraft damaged by flak

23/03/1945    End of operational tour, completed 200 ops hours, returned to South Africa.   




 Zingi  (R)  with his parents



 In his Spitfire: DB-B "Zilla". The name refers to Mrs. Harrison who is still around at 91.  Note the removed canopy.



Initial Training : glider flying at Kwaggapoort near Pretoria.

Flying Tiger Moths at 5 Air School Witbank, initial flying training.

Flying Miles Master II at  25 Air School Standerton, service flying training.

 Miles Master II

 Miles Master II


Operational Training Unit 11 Isipingo: Curtiss Kittyhawk


No notes on this photograph but it appears to be the wings parade or officer's promotion parade group photograph at 25 AS. It seems to be a Miles Master at the back. Zingi on the extreme right seated. Interesting occasion as Field Marshall Jan Smuts, Gen. Boetie Venter and Gen. Pierre van Ryneveld were present!



Boetie Venter, Jan Smuts, Pierre van Ryneveld.




 Zingi flew this aircraft many times: DB-B, "Zilla"

 Lt. Lance Deary ( 7 sqdn) , Lt Hilton "Pret" Pretorius (4 sqdn), Zingi.


 Note the 500 lb bomb under the belly.


 Note the 90 gal tank under the belly and the clipped wings..






 Zingi and his fellow 2 sqdn pilot "Dronkie" Haynes.



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