Arthur Geater Photographs

 These photographs originate from the private albums of ww2 SAAF Beaufighter pilot Arthur Geater. It was kindly made available to me by Julie Geater, Arthur's grand daughter. I scanned and placed the photographs on this web site in order to share these gems to enthusiasts and the wider public as a gesture of homage to these brave men of past glory. Please respect the copy rights of these photographs and contact me to obtain the necessary permission if you want to duplicate some of this material in other web sites or printed matter.


Tinus le Roux

Jan 2015





3) 24 October 1944: Barracks at Bjelovar ops no. 4


4) 31/10/1944 Shipping sweep in PlaninskiPoggorski Channels ops no 5 (notice the people running!)


5) 8/11/1944  Photo recce of bridges, ops no 7

6) 22/11/1944  Marshalling yards at Kutina, ops no 11



7)  15/12/1944 MT at Podgorica, ops no 15


8) 17/12/1944  Lussino Island, ops no 16


9) 22/12/1944 Lissino Island torpedo  dump, ops no 18



10) 4/01/1945 Naval guns at Lussino, ops no 19


11) 11/1/1945 Lussino guns, ops no 20


12) 15/1/1945 Lussino Island, ops no 21


13) 24/01/1945 Lussino Island, ops no 23


14) 2/2/1945 Zuzemberk, ops no 25


15) 3/2/1945 Rolling stock Novska, ops no 26


16) 7/2/1945 Rolling stock at Karlovac, ops no 27


17)  10/2/1945 Village Sadinta Vas, ops no 28



18) 14/2/1945, Trains at Slovenj Gradec, ops no 29


19) 15/2/1945 Ammo dump at Novo Mesto ops no 30


20) 21/2/1945 Enemy HQ at Zolla, ops no 31


Email received November 2016:

Dear Tinus!

I have to thank you for those incredible photographs! I have to tell you that we don't really have photos of Zolla during the war, so we are very happy that younger and older can see those photos. In the name of my family and other villagers I really have to thank you. 

During this bombing my father was hidden on the right side of the church (in a canal). 

The circled house is the one where my relatives lived and are now again living. 

Please send me photographs of Geater if you can.

I'm sorry if I am too curious, but I want to know where are you from. 

Best regards


Thank you again for your respond! Bombed houses were definitely targeted by Marshall Tito. My relatives have lived in this house. My father was in Zolla during the attack.He hided in a canal. The house which I was talking about was burned, so my relatives had to move in the village near by. In 3 years they repaired the house so they are again living in this house. I have to tell you, that Zolla was bombed eleven times. In all of the attacks only 5 people were killed. My father told me that Zolla was hard to  bombed because of the terrain. People who lived in those houses were somehow connected with Germans.  Can you please send me those pictures? 


Modern Zolla (Col), photo sent by Damijan (thanks!)

Modern Zolla

Modern Zolla, photo sent by Damijan

21) 24/2/1945 Attack "Kuck-Kuck" in Fiume, ops no 32


22) 27/2/1945 Attack buildings in Domzale, ops no 33



23) 6/3/1945 Attack on Zolla, ops no 34


24)  11/3/45 Novo Mesto, ops no 35


27) 12/3/1945    Skofjaloka, ops no 36


28) 15/3/1945 Gargaro, ops no 37


29) 17/3/1945 Attack Naval guns at RAB, ops no 38


30) 22/3/1945 Attack on Zolla, ops no 40



31) 3/4/1945 Zuzemberk, ops no  42

32) Attack Busovaga, ops no 43


33) 16/4/1045 Attack on Zolla, ops no 45


34) 18/4/1945 Attack on Jastrebarsko, ops no. 46












44) Soccer team, Arthur 2nd from right, Tilley 3d from left.


45) Winter '44/'45, snow ball fight.








49) PSP clearing.






52) Pilots and navigators.


53) Kuck Kuck attack group.


54) Biferno






57) Training Kittyhawks, Durban?


58) A training Kittyhawk.


59) Arthur and ?


60) Arthur as pupil pilot.




62) Kittyhawk














70) Getting wings.




72) Rhoda


73) Wedding on 20 June 1945 in Kimberley


74) Looks like partisans  meeting with Air Force staff.




76) Advanced flying course class.




78) Miles Master trainer.


79) Walrus sea rescue aircraft.


80) SAAF Ju. 86 bomber.


81) Hawker Hart trainer.


82) Martin Maryland bomber.


83) a SAAF Curtiss Mohawk fighter.


84) Avro Anson used for training.


85) Crashed Fairy Battle.


86) Fairy Battle.






89)  Lockheed Lodestar transport.

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