Slaley wine farm caterpillar club function

 Caterpillar Club: Slaley Wines

Caterpillar Club: when an airman's life is saved while using an Irvin parachute then he becomes a member of this exclusive club. The Irvin company issues a membership card with a small golden caterpillar brooch.

Denis is a caterpillar club member because he had to bail when his aircraft's engine failed while on an operational mission over enemy territory in March 1945.

The Hunting family are the owners of Slaley wine estate and they were former owners of the Irvin parachute company. To honour the tradition of the caterpillar club, Lindsay Hunting (estate owner) bottled a special batch of their superb 1999 Shiraz for this purpose. Caterpillar club members visiting the wine farm will receive a magnum size bottle specially labeled and packed in a beautiful embroided felt bag.

In November 2012 me and my wife Tersia  accompanied Denis and his wife Marjorie to Slaley wines where Lindsay Hunting and Sue Rove surprised us with great hospitality and a fantastic meal. The presenting of Denis' caterpillar club wine bottle was very special and Denis demonstrated to us the functioning of the Irvin seat parachute.

Thanks to Linsay and Sue for a most memorable event.



From L.t.R. :  Tersia le Roux, Denis Taylor, Marjorie Taylor, Lindsay Hunting, Sue Rove:  having lunch at the beautiful Slaley estate.


Special bottled wine for Caterpillar Club members


Lindsay and Sue 

Special packaging sachet.




Denis making a speech and doing a toast.


Marjorie Taylor


Tersia and Denis


 Presentation of Denis' special bottle of Shiraz.                                               Denis demonstrating to us the functioning of the Irvin parachute.


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