GRADISKA attacks by SAAF 19 sqdn 1945

BOS GRADISKA (Bosnia and Herzgovina)

Attack on pontoon bridge installations

Thanks to Emir who sent me information and photographs of the bridge! See below.

google street view not activated in Bosnia and Herzgovina

5 April 1945: BOS GRADISKA

21 April 1945:  BOS GRADISKA

Emails received from Emir:

Dear Sir

I was born in Bos Gradiska and recently have found  a photo of attack on pontoon bridge at the end of war.

Be so kind and email me or send me link for more photo of that moment,probably there are more photo from different position,might photo of city before or after attack

Many thank 

Regards Emir

Dear sirs

I would like  to inform you that originaly bridge on Sava river at Bosanska Gradiška wasn’t destroyed by plane bombing then mining by Yugoslav army in retreat against German corp.picture in attm

If you have more pictures of that area be so kind and post them on site


This photo (slika raz)shows present bridge (photo from 1960 -1970) ,but you can see water mills downstream ,one of water mill can be seen on your photo at left corner during the bombing pontoon bridge 1945,on other you have closer yiew peple crossing  pontoon and (1939) shows bridge after construction(destroyed 1941 as i told you during withdrawal of the army 1941)

Photo after ww2 shows  rebuild bridge near by originaly position  ,taking from Bosnia side

No problem posting pictures on your site


I m really sorry to hear, that you don’t have more pictures from plane camera ,I was born there ,might you can send me same photo with better resolution,I can see house of my grandfather but its not clear

Best regards



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