Geoff Krummeck's Military Career by Michael Schoeman

Lt Colonel Geoffrey Courtney “Geoff” KRUMMECK, DSO. 1-0-1.          P102645V

From Port Elizabeth and De Aar. Attended SA Military College Course 327G in 1936. Won his Wings on 1.4.38. 

Became a flying instructor at CFS from 6.38. 

He went “up North” and was posted to 2 Sqdn on 15.9.41 as flight commander. On 21.11.41 he damaged a G.50 (not credited?) in Tomahawk AN362. On 24.11.41 flying Tomahawk AN362 again, Geoff was twice holed by Italian AA fire while strafing a truck column in the Desert. During late November he had brushes with 109s on two occassions. On 10.12.41, flying AN362, he probably destroyed a Bf109F – but this was confirmed by an Army unit. While strafing Magrun on 22.12.41 in Tomahawk 397, he damaged a Do215 on the ground. (This was more likely a Do.17.)  On 30.12.41, while taking off on a wing sweep, a Ju88 wondered over the LG and he managed to get a burst at it before Capt Bosman and Lt Golding shot it down.

He was promoted to OC of 2 Sqdn from 1.42. He became OTE or RTU on 17.3.42 after 56 “ops” and 111 “op” hours. 

He was OC 41 Sqdn in the ADEM from 4.12.43 on the Hurricane IIc. On 16.1.44 he suffered a Glycol leak in Hurricane IIc KZ122 and landed, but one tyre was u/s. He left 41 on 27.9.44. 

Geoff was made Sweep Leader of 7 Wing by 10.44 and carried out much fighter-bomber work in Italy. He flew LtCol AC Bosman’s old Spitfire VIII coded “F.” 

He was awarded the DSO 26.6.45. 

Post War he was a Brigadier at SAAF Maritime Group HQ in the Cape during the 1960s.

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